Williamson County

Breathtaking, Elegant, and Closer Than You Think: Discover Austin Realty in Williamson County

Williamson County Texas Homes for Sale
Williamson County was once a little-known suburb of Austin. Once, the area was mostly undeveloped save for a few ranch-style houses, some of which were actually used for ranching. It was a far cry from the epicenter of Austin realty that it has become today. What caused the change? The secret about Williamson County got out. People living or working in Austin began to learn about the wonderful Austin Texas homes for sale in Williamson County, and demand for housing began to soar.

Austin Real Estate in Williamson County

Williamson County, known to locals simply as Willco, is located just north of Austin. In fact, as population has grown over time the edges of Austin have expanded; the northern Austin city limits actually fall within the borders of Williamson County. However, when most people speak of Austin realty in Willco, they refer to houses a bit further north, well out into the suburbs of Austin. Out in that area, the terrain grows more rugged and beautiful.

Western Williamson County is considered to be part of the Texas Hill Country, the section of Texas known for its rolling hills and forests. Real estate in this part of Willco provides uninterrupted access to the open spaces and beautiful Texas sky; some homes may actually be available with large plots of land to ensure that your Austin Texas real estate remains pristine even as development continues.

The eastern portion of Williamson County is flatter, offering fertile land for agriculture. This flat land is very scenic and beautiful, and retains the feeling of openness that can be lacking in Austin homes for sale closer to the city.