Discover Westlake, Location Of Some Of The Most Beautiful Suburban Austin Homes

Westlake. The name conjures up images of tranquility and elegant gardens, of spacious homes perfectly designed. And that’s just what the community of Westlake offers those who buy their Austin homes there. Westlake is entirely contained within the Eanes Independent School District, one of the best school districts in Texas, giving the community a great respect for education to complement its beauty.

Austin Homes In Westlake

Westlake is further divided into a number of different communities, each offering a different atmosphere and different style of Austin houses. All are just a short commute from downtown Austin, and all offer convenient shopping and fine dining. Some communities are more oriented toward the city, giving their Austin homes a wonderful view of the city skyline. Others look out on the rolling hills and open fields further west.

Austin Westlake Homes

Whatever your pleasure, you can find it in Westlake. Because of the number of schools in the Westlake area, most people who own homes there get involved with watching high school football. On any given Friday night, you’re quite likely to find Westlakers gathered in the bleachers under the lights cheering on the home team.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Westlake Austin Home

As a community, Westlake has some 4,000 residents as of the last census. However, those residents all share the community’s commitment to education: 39% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, and 38% have a degree from a graduate or professional school. The jobs they hold are tremendously varied, which brings diversity and interest to the community as a whole. Westlake’s median household income is $116,905, with a per capita income of $55,651. Those figures, combined with the community’s strong school system and emphasis on education, make Westlake a great choice for a young professional looking to buy their first home in Austin, or for new parents looking for the best place to raise their children.