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University of Texas at Austin Ranked Among Best National Universities

Kudos are in order to the University of Texas at Austin. It was recently named in the US News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings for 2012. In the annual list, University of Texas at Austin came in overall at #45 among national universities. A few of the other highlights include it School of Business ranking nationally at #6. Its graduate and undergraduate Accounting programs come in at #1 in the country, with the undergrad Marketing program at #3 and undergrad Management Information Systems program at #4.
As we have mentioned before on our York Real Estate blog, the University of Texas at Austin is an important part of our community. The Longhorns are part of the Big 12 Athletic Conference and have a strong following by Austin residents. Many of UT’s undergrads live in the area and many of them stay in Austin after graduation. US News & World Report’s statistics show the school is one of the largest universities in the country, with more than 38,000 students. About 80 percent of them live off-campus in Austin and our surrounding communities. Unlike most universities, freshman are allowed to live off campus if they choose, so many of them do that as well.
One of the advantages UT students may find about living in Downtown Austin is that they can ride the Metro buses for free, making it easier to get around, especially if they don’t have a vehicle. It is common for students to rent houses or apartments, especially in Downtown Austin. Some families from out of the area with multiple students may buy condos for their college-age students to live in while away at school, since it cuts down on monthly expenses for room and board. There is another population of students who are local and continue to live at home with Mom and Dad while taking classes.
US News cites the freshman retention rate at 92 percent, with 82 percent of all students graduating within six years. Chances are, if you live or work in Austin, you probably have a Longhorn or Longhorn alum in your midst. If you see them in the next few weeks, you might offer them congratulations on UT’s mention in the US News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings.

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