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Tips for Organizing Your Austin Home For Sale

Getting ready to sell your Austin home can be stressful if you let it. Yes, there is much to do, but doing a little bit every week will make it easier. Make a to do list for each week. As each task is completed, add it to a master list of completed items. Although it might not seem like much at the time, after a few weeks, you should have a lengthy list of accomplishments. We have put together a few tips for you to make it easier.

•    For those who have more free time on the weekends than during the week, it might be a good idea to set aside a certain block of time on the weekends for moving preparation. Be sure to leave yourself some time to relax, too.
•    Gather a number of trash bags, boxes and thick indelible ink markers before getting started. Rent a storage space or designate a room where packed boxes will be stored as they are ready to go. Consider using the attic, garage or a spare closet or room.
•    Cleaning out and packing up the house is often one of the most time consuming and overwhelming chores in selling an Austin house. Start by organizing one room at a time. Plan to have a yard sale, donate to charity or throw out anything that will not be kept.
•    If there is a lot going to the local charity or thrift store, pack it in boxes or bags with labels as you go along and put these in a separate area. If there are items that will be used frequently until the house sells, they can stay. Everything else should be packed up either for the new house, donations or trash and recycling bins.
•    If your Austin house is on the market, do not leave boxes, bags and other items out for potential homebuyers to see. Put everything in storage. Don’t forget to pack up personal items, too, such as photos, paintings and hobby collections once people start looking at the house.

Ask your York Real Estate agent for recommendations on home-selling preparation and local storage ideas.

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