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Tips for Moving

Planning a move can be a big undertaking. It means getting organized and making a fresh start. Whether you are moving into a new Austin home or leaving the area, here are a few tips from our York Real Estate team to help make the transition.

Don’t Be A Packrat
Before you move, get rid of anything you have not used recently or that cannot logically make the move with you. Have a yard sale. Anything that is not sold can be donated to the local thrift store or thrown out. If you come across boxes of items that have not been opened since the last time you moved, take this as a sign that you do not need whatever is inside.

Decide whether you will be taking your furniture with you or if you want a fresh new look to go with your new place. Study your sofas, chairs and bedroom suite. If it is old and worn, maybe it needs to be retired. Think about how much space there is and whether what you have will fit. Find out if your appliances convey. They might be expensive to replace, but also can be expensive to move.

Moving Company
The larger your home, the more likely you are to need a professional mover. You have two basic choices on how it can be done. They will either come in and pack everything up and take it to your new home, or you can pack everything up yourself and let them move the boxes and furniture. Packing yourself can be a hassle, but when the cartons are carefully marked, you will likely find what you are looking for much sooner when you arrive at your destination. Cost is another issue. For those in a smaller apartment or condo, using a professional moving company may not be necessary if the new location is not too far from the old one. Renting a truck and calling in favors from a few friends is the most economical way to do it. Otherwise, use a reputable company and let them handle it. If you need help deciding, ask your Austin real estate agent.

If you are moving out of a rental, be sure to give the place a thorough cleaning when before turning in the keys and do not leave stray items. Otherwise, you could risk forfeiting all or part of your security deposit. Sweeping, vacuuming and wiping down the kitchen countertops are a good way to avoid the popular “cleaning service” fee that some landlords like to apply. Be sure to turn off all of the lights before you go. You may still be paying for utilities for a few days, so there is no need to run up the bill.

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