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Tips for Buying Energy-Efficient Austin Homes

If you’re interested in buying an Austin home that’s environmentally-friendly, pay special attention to the description of amenities in the listings. While homes may have green features that aren’t listed, there are several that you may encounter while conducting an Austin home search.

Energy Efficient
Appliances and materials that have high Energy Star Program ratings are a good gauge of what is energy efficient and what’s not. Some options include tankless water heaters, radiant heat barriers and nearly anything solar-powered. Modern appliances, such as an electric stove or oven, offer a quicker pre-heating time than they used to. This saves time and money on power bills.

Green Materials
Homes made with green materials help to reduce your carbon footprint. They may also improve energy efficiency. Look for vinyl windows, bamboo flooring and recycled steel framing and insulated concrete forms.

Reclaimed and Repurposed Materials
Anything that was used before that is still in great condition is suitable for a renovation project and is considered reclaimed material. Examples include flooring or countertops in excellent condition that were removed from an existing structure or wall paneling that was ordered for a project that never got off the ground. Another type of reclaimed material is one that is used for a different purpose from its former occupation. A home might have antique stones for garden walkways or reclaimed trellises. Former kitchen countertops might be well-suited to a bathroom vanity countertop.

If you’re interested in buying a green home, be sure to let your Austin Real estate agent know. We can help you find homes that meet Energy Star mortgage requirements or have had a recent renovation with energy-efficient appliances and materials.

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