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Think Ahead When Buying an Austin Home

There is more to buying an Austin home than finding an affordable one that you love. It is always a good idea to consider the future. If you plan to be in it only for a few years, you may want to think ahead to what will happen when you are trying to sell it yourself. Will it be difficult to resell? Look at both sides of the coin. Ideally, your next Austin home should be something that meets your present needs without hindering your ability to move to a larger place or a different neighborhood when the time comes. Without knowing what the housing market will be like when you are selling your Austin home, assume it will be as difficult then as it is now. Discuss the likelihood of resale with your Austin real estate agent before you buy the house. Look at the pros and cons in terms of school district, master bedroom location, kitchen size and neighborhood.

Do you plan to stay in your house for several years? Think about how your family dynamic will change in the next five to ten. Will you likely have children or grandchildren in your home? Where will they sleep? There may not be enough room now, but a renovation of the attic or a large bedroom could change that. Note the location of the master bedroom. Going up and down the stairs may become an issue for you over time. If it is a single-floor home or one with a few flights of stairs to contend with, think practically.

One factor many people do not consider is property maintenance. Yes, a large yard is beautiful to look at and the space is nice, especially if you have kids. Don’t forget about maintenance. Realistically decide whether you will be interested in and able to take care of the yard or have someone do it for you five or ten years down the road.

When your start your Austin home search, look for something you can see yourself in. If you really like it, imagine what it will be like when you are ready to pass that gem on to the next homebuyer.

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