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Renting Your Austin Home

Sometimes it’s necessary for people selling Austin homes to rent out their property until it sells. While the situation is not ideal, it can prevent you from having to pay two mortgages at the same time and having financial problems. At York Real Estate, we suggest to our clients that if it is necessary to rent that they set up some guidelines for tenants to ensure that they will be good neighbors and will not prevent your Austin home from selling quickly.

The house should be kept clean at all times. It should be ready to show at any time. This means no dirty laundry piled up on the furniture, and no dishes left in the sink. Request that they do not put holes in the walls or paint anything without first getting permission.

The yard of your Austin home should look at least as nice as you left it. The tenants should mow the lawn and rake the leaves regularly. Stipulate that no trampolines, inflatable pools or project cars are allowed on the property.

While some renters may like to entertain friends, be sure they understand that loud music and parties are not the qualities of good neighbors. Make some guidelines to be followed regarding cookouts and respectful parking places.

Work out the details on who pays for what utilities. You may wish to put the bills in their name. It will help ensure that everything is paid promptly. Make sure the accounts are transferred over when the tenants move out.

Set a policy regarding smoking. Consider limiting rental to non-smokers only. Otherwise, set some rules about where it’s ok to smoke. They should avoid smoking in the house, and ask them to please refrain from leaving cigarette butts in the yard.

Ask your Austin realtors at York Real Estate to help you make determinations about acceptable policies. Here are a few to get you started. When it is necessary to rent your home, be sure to do a credit check on all potential tenants. Consider placing a restriction on age limits for those signing the lease. If pets are allowed at all, keep them small. Have the renters sign a lease and include guidelines on what should happen when your house is sold.

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