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Preparing to Sell Your Austin Home: Getting Organized

When you’re thinking about selling your Austin home, there are a few things you can do to get prepared before you actually put your home on the market. This is a good time to get organized and take stock of what you have in the home, what will stay and what will go.

Take an inventory of the various appliances and permanent fixtures in your home. Make note of any special features, like your swimming pool, fireplace, fence, whirlpool or garage. Look at your appliances with a critical eye. Some items may need replacing or a thorough scrubbing.

Gather together the warranties and receipts for all appliances and special features of your Austin home. This includes all big ticket items that will convey, such as the roof, security system, refrigerator, water heater, heating and cooling systems and dishwasher. Hunt down the owner’s manuals and installation instructions when possible. Put everything in one place for easy reference. This will help you evaluate what features the home has and whether anything may need to be replaced soon. It is also something to keep on hand for the future owners. While you may know exactly how to care for your kitchen range, the homebuyers may be completely unfamiliar with how to clean or even operate it.

Get estimates for anything that may need to be replaced before the house is sold. Don’t make any arrangements for it, just do some price checks. This will help you make some decisions in the event it comes up in negotiations. Include anything that might be tagged as a replacement item in the contract or is a concern of the homebuyers. It might also help you get an idea of how much they cost if you need to purchase them in your new home when you move.

It’s time to start getting organized. Look in your storage areas and get rid of anything you have not used since you moved in to your current home. Start taking mental notes of what will move with you, what will stay in the home and what needs to be thrown out, recycled or donated. Consider having a yard sale.

When you’re ready to talk to an Austin real estate agent, contact us at York Real Estate. We will help you determine what the next step is in putting your Austin home on the market.

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