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Prepare Your Home To Sell After You Move Out

When you move out of your Austin home before it is sold – or even before you have an interested buyer – it is important to prepare the home for your absence. You will need to make some arrangements for its care and safety while it’s on the Austin real estate market. If you have questions about professional property management, your York Real Estate agent will be happy to answer them. Meanwhile, here are a few things to consider.

Arrangements for the Yard
Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when they come to look at your house. The grass should look neat. Many homeowners ignore the law maintenance to save money, but don’t realize what a turn-off it is to potential homebuyers. There are two basic options for making sure the lawn is mowed.

•Hire a service to mow and maintain the lawn. Stay in contact with the individual or company on a regular basis. Make sure they are paid promptly. It won’t take long for the grass to grow tall in your yard when a cut or two is missed.

•If you have reliable renters and you don’t want to hire an outside person to mow and maintain, leave a lawn mower and a gas can for them to use and put lawn maintenance requirements for it in the lease. Leave instructions for using the mower. Have someone check on it periodically to make sure this chore is getting done.

Clear out all furniture and junk. Do not use your Austin home for sale as a storage unit. Remove stray items from the kitchen or living room, especially piles of boxes or broken appliances. It will look cleaner, more presentable and ready for someone to move in.

Don’t forget to have your mail forwarded and your newspaper cancelled. Keep the utilities turned on. The power and water should be usable. Potential Austin homebuyers will want to flip the switches and turn the faucets.

Taking the time to make these arrangements before you leave will not only help your Austin home show better, it will look less like it has been abandoned and closer to a move-in-ready condition for potential homebuyers.

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