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Prepare Your Home for the Austin Real Estate Market

When putting an Austin home on the market, appearance is everything. It should look clean, not dilapidated. One way to determine what needs to be fixed before putting it on the market is to do a walk-through with your York Real Estate agent. We know what to look for and can help you decide what can be done to sell your Austin home faster. Depending on the age of your home and how often upgrades have been made, there may be a lot or a little bit of work to do. Some adjustments may simply be a matter of taking the time to get organized, while others might be basic repairs before your home will sell. Our Austin real estate agents are up-to-date on the latest trends in home features. These are just a few of the ways you might prepare your home for the market.

Home Improvement
While some people think they should make lots of improvements and changes before selling their home, these changes do not always add value. The two most likely renovations to increase your home’s value are to the kitchen and bath. Flooring, surfaces and countertops are popular remodeling projects. Look at the plumbing and electrical, too. All faucets and outlets should function properly without leaks or shorts. If the interior walls look worn and dirty or the kids have used them to test their crayons and markers, use a neutral color paint to spruce it up. If you do it yourself, be sure to use painter’s mask to cover fixtures and edges to create a professional-looking finish.

The interior should be scrubbed from top to bottom and front to back. Do away with laundry piles – clean or dirty. Use a soft rag tied to the end of a dry mop or broom to remove the cobwebs. If you have ants, spiders or other pests, use an indoor fogger to eliminate the problem.  Sweep and mop every floor. Rent a machine and shampoo every carpet or hire a professional carpet cleaner. Dust and shine all surfaces. If you are not prepared to clean the home yourself, hire a professional cleaning service. A staging company is another alternative. We can recommend one, if needed.

Make sure your house number and the for sale sign are both visible from the street. Anyone looking for an Austin home for sale should not have to guess which one it is. Give it a pressure washing if it looks tired, stained and dirty. Trim bushes and trees, and mow the lawn. If you have a fence, be sure the gate closes and locks properly. Trim back any overgrown weeds against the fence line. Clean the gutters and make any repairs to drainage pipes. The roof should be in good repair. This is another item that may need attention if it is not up to common standards. Any leaks should be repaired and damaged areas replaced.

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