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Planning for the Growing Trend of “Doubling Up”

If you are considering buying an Austin home, you probably already have an idea of how many rooms and bathrooms you’ll need for your household, based on what you have now. While you might have an idea that things may change in your life after you move in, it’s hard to foresee the future possibilities. According to a recent market research study, approximately one in three adults now lives with their relatives. It’s referred to as “doubling up,” and it’s a growing trend.

One thing to consider is that you could find yourself doubling up with your parents or siblings who have had a recent change in income or health, and you should have a contingency plan just in case an emergency arises.

When you’re beginning an Austin home search, this is the time to think about having extra space to accommodate house guests for a short or extended period of time. In the meanwhile, plan to use any additional space in your new home as a guest room or an entertainment room, and keep your options open to additional bedrooms or mother-in-law suites. Space will also be an issue if you plan on having children in the near or distant future.

While house hunting, keep in mind the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas you’ll need with extra people in the house. If your family members have small children or pets, fences may be an added convenience. If your parents are seniors, keep an open eye towards homes with a ranch-style layout or without steep staircases to prevent potential mobility issues.

Planning ahead can be a moving target, since we never know what the future may bring. Keeping an eye on growing trends is one way to be a little more prepared, especially when you’re in the process of buying an Austin home.

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