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“Must Do” Projects for October

Straight from the Man Himself – Bob Vila

Winterize the Lawn – “FEED IT!”
If you tend to your lawn now before it goes dormant for the winter, it will grow back better than ever come spring. Spread a thin layer of fertilizer—too much will burn the grass—and fill in thin patches with “cool weather” grass seed. Also be sure to aerate your lawn to prevent thatch build up and keep air, moisture, and nutrients flowing to your lawn’s roots.

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Reverse Your Fans – Did you know you can “REVERSE” your fans?
You’ve probably heard that heat rises. That’s why it’s a good idea to change the direction of your ceiling fan so that it turns clockwise, thereby pushing hot air down and helping it circulate throughout the room. This is simple to do with newer models of ceiling fans, which usually have a switch to reverse the blade direction.

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Get Fireplace Ready – So Austinites don’t use our fireplaces often, but when you do, you want it to be safe and efficient.
Don’t wait until it’s so cold you’re ready to start up the fire: You’ll want to prepare your fireplace early for regular use. Check your chimney for chips or cracks, and make any necessary repairs. Inspect the door gaskets for a tight seal, then clean soot buildup or call in a professional chimney sweeper.

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Seal and Insulate – For Texans, it’s probably..”Insulate to keep the HOT temps out and the COOL temp in”!
While temperatures drop outside, you can still stay warm and keep your energy bills low with proper insulation. Attics are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to winter energy loss, so prep yours for winter by installing loose fill or batt insulation.


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Check for Peeling Paint
Inspect your home exterior for damage to the siding, foundation, and paint. Correct peeling paint before the cold and ice sets in (it’s possible, we could get ice). If you don’t, those bare patches could be susceptible to water damage and cost you lots more in repairs down the line.

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