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Make Your Austin Home More Eco-Friendly

There are many ways to make Austin homes more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. Not only can you make your home more comfortable, but you can also save money on utilities. If you are considering a move and need some ideas on how to make your home more energy efficient, ask your agent at York Real Estate. Here are just a few ways to be a little greener when it is time to make some changes.

Hot Water
When the old hot water heater needs to be replaced, bring in a new tankless one. A hot water heater can use up to 13% of your home’s energy. Rather than storing a reserve of water hot and at-the-ready, the new tankless type can reduce your energy bill by at least 30% from the standard gas model, and up to 60% from the standard electric version.

Go green. Really. Plant some trees, flowers and shrubs in your yard. It will make your Austin home and property look nicer, while taller bushes and trees block the sun’s radiant energy. This prevents it from heating up the house in the summertime, which reduces the amount of cooling required. The less energy spent on cooling, the more money saved on utility bills. Putting more plants and flower beds on your property reduces the amount of water your yard uses, as compared to grass.

Energy Star
When you are ready to do some home renovations, keep in mind the Energy Star program. Buying and/or installing Energy Star rated products can earn you a tax credit. Some items must be put into an existing home before December 31, 2010, while others qualify with new construction as well and are available until 2016. Specific products recognized for their superior energy efficiency include different types of vinyl windows, insulation, stoves, roofs, water heaters, small wind turbines, solar energy systems and fuel cells.

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