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Make Your Austin Home Festive for the Holidays

When it’s time for the holidays, many people selling their Austin homes ask our York Real Estate agents whether or not they should decorate the property outdoors. The short answer is yes. Here’s why.

When you drive down the street of any Austin neighborhood this time of year at night, you will see nearly every home decorated for the holidays. While some have bright icicle lights along the roofline, others have porch banisters, trees and bushes illuminated in twinkling colors or in spotlights. Some have both. They all look festive and beautiful in their own special way.

Continuing down the road, you might come across the one home on the block that has no decorations, no festive lights, no pretty colors, no warmth. It sits in the dark or with the lone porch light glowing, looking neglected and sad. If it’s for sale, count on potential buyers driving by without slowing down to look at it. It’s a turn-off.

While selling your home is a priority and you may have a busy schedule, keep in mind that dressing it up in lights and decorations will only showcase its beauty and enhance your street. There is no need to try to win a decorating contest or fill the lawn with dozens of inflatable figures; just use your favorite basic decorations and make them easy to take down. If you’re not going to be around every night, consider putting them on a timer or asking a neighbor to plug them in when they light up their own.

Keep in mind that many people like to cruise through Austin neighborhoods to see the beautiful holiday lights. This is a good time for passersby to see just how beautiful your neighborhood can be. It also lets everyone know that your home’s for sale.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s not too late to put up some holiday lights this year and leave them up for the next couple of weeks. If your decorations are already packed away in anticipation of selling your Austin home, pick up a few strings of lights at the store and spruce it up. This might be the extra little boost that gets your home noticed while making you feel a little more festive yourself.

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