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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for Austin Homes Coming on the Market

The kitchen is often considered the most important room in the house. If you’re planning on selling your Austin home in the next year and you want to do some upgrades to your Austin house, your kitchen is probably the place to start. While most remodeling projects don’t bring a return on the project, homeowners typically recoup about 81 percent of their investment on kitchen makeovers. Your kitchen may not need a remodel, but if it does, here’s a look at some of the latest trends in kitchens. Keep in mind that innovation, convenience and energy efficiency are at the root of all of today’s home fashion trends, whether it’s the kitchen or another part of your Austin home.

Induction and dual fuel ranges are the two latest trends in new appliances. Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy in both cooktops and ovens to heat more quickly, which saves time and energy by reducing cooking times. Dual ranges offer the user an option of natural gas and electric features in the same appliance. If you love the control over electric for certain dishes, you’ll have it. The power of natural gas is also at your fingertips. Dual ranges also offer flexibility in evening out utility bills and promoting energy efficiency. When looking at refrigerators, note that refrigerator-freezer models with French doors are quite popular. Some refrigerators offer energy-saving features, such as sounding a soft alarm when the door has been left open too long. For auxiliary cold storage, beverage centers and wine cellars are another trend that arrived in the past year and continues to thrive. They can be built in beneath the countertop or stand alone in a pantry.

Worn-out countertops are probably the most noticeable feature in any kitchen tour. Austin homebuyers want houses in move-in-ready condition when possible. If your counters are stained, cracked or chipped, you’ll want to consider replacement. Stone materials continue to be in style. Granite and quartz countertops are popular for their looks of elegance and ease to clean. They last a long time and are strong and durable. Color choices vary widely in natural stones. Remember in the design phase that when you’re using natural materials, no two countertops are ever exactly the same. You’ll need to use materials from the same lot for continuity, so plan accordingly.

One of the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry is furniture-grade wood cabinets with solid doors. Handles that match the sink fixtures and appliance trim is one option, while handles built in to the door are also very much in style. Concealed storage is quite popular, although having open shelving in a few places is convenient for quick access to commonly used items like coffee cups or small appliances.

If you’re debating about whether your kitchen is in need of a remodel before putting your Austin home on the market, consider the condition of the kitchen as it is now and how long it’s been since you’ve upgraded. You can also ask your York real estate agent for advice.

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