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Keeping Up With Springtime Home Maintenance

Most homeowners keep their property in reasonably good repair. Things break and wear out. Keeping track of home maintenance on a regular basis a little bit at a time will prevent you from having to make several heavy-duty repairs on your home all at once when you decide to sell it. Here are a few things you should check on every spring to keep up with home maintenance. If you find any problems, have them remedied right away before they become large expenses.

Caulking and Weather Stripping
Inspect the caulking around your Austin home to make sure it is doing its job. Check the windows and doors to the exterior and around all bathroom and kitchen fixtures. If it is shriveled up, cracked or dried out it needs to be replaced. While you’re there, make sure that all doors close snugly and lock properly if necessary.

Do an inspection of the attic from top to bottom and end to end. Look for evidence of leaks and storm damage. Make sure you have no furry or feathered tenants living in your attic. Check for proper ventilation and insulation.

This is a good time to check your countertops in the kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere for structural integrity. Look for cracks and insufficient support. Countertops should be firmly attached to the base below and the wall behind. All corners where they meet should be sealed with grout or caulk, depending on the material. While you’re at it, give it a thorough cleaning and remove any scratches, if possible. When the time comes to replace the countertops, they will be a selling point, so save the receipts and choose something durable that will last.

Screen Doors
Spring is a good time to check your screen doors. Replace or repair the screens. If you have storm windows, clean them and change them out to screens.

Check out your heating and cooling systems. Look for rust or any build-up around the system. Be aware of strange smells and sounds. If anything is leaning up against the unit, move it elsewhere or dispose of it.

One of the biggest expenses for homes is the roofing system. Keep yours in good repair as long as possible. This is a good time to inspect the roof and gutters. Look for torn, worn or missing shingles and any gaps in the structure. Make sure the gutters are attached. If you are not comfortable climbing up on the roof, hire a professional.

If you are thinking about selling your Austin home, doing a pre-cursory check of all of these items is a good idea. If any repairs can be made, do them before your house goes on the Austin MLS listing.

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