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Keep Your Home Cool For Austin Summers

Now that it’s officially summer, take some time to make sure that your Austin home is as cool and energy-efficient for warm weather as possible. This is especially important if your Austin home is for sale. Not only will it make you and your family more comfortable, it’s a good sign for potential buyers being shown your Austin home. If potential buyers think they will have to sink a lot of time and money into the cooling system or the energy bill is too high, this could be a deterrent to buying it – or buying it at the asking price.

Here are 5 quick tips to make sure your home is as cool as possible in the summertime.

1. Clean or replace your air conditioning system’s filters every month. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the right type of filter and method of cleaning for best results.

2. Inspect the caulking and weather stripping around the doors and windows. If they are dry and cracked, remove and replace them. If it doesn’t have caulking or weather stripping, this is a good time to do it yourself or have a professional take care of it.

3. Dust your light bulbs and lamp shades regularly. Not only does this help your home look neater and cleaner, it can improve lighting efficiency by up to 50 percent.

4. If you have central air, allow the vents to remain open in all rooms and keep the doors open. The system will work harder trying to cool warmer rooms where the vents and doors are shut. If furniture or draperies are blocking some of the vents, move them for optimal circulation.

5. Keep the thermostat set at or above 78 degrees F when it’s occupied or at 85 degrees when it’s vacant and no one is living there.

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