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Is Moving to a House in the Same Neighborhood a Good Idea?

One of the growing trends in Austin and across America is to move to another home in your same neighborhood. While it sounds like an unusual idea at first, it often comes up by accident. You might not be looking to move until you see a home up the street come on the market and it piques your interest. If you find a home that has a few things you’re missing now, it can actually turn into a great move. There are several advantages to buying an Austin home in your present neighborhood.

Comfort Zone
Staying in the same area near your friends and neighbors is always a plus. One reason people hesitate to move is that it means changing everything that is familiar. If you’re in a great Austin neighborhood, you might not want to leave. You’re probably comfortable with the low crime rate, your easy daily commute to work and the convenience of your regular grocery stores, shopping centers and place of worship. Moving to a new home nearby means you can keep all of those things.

Children often play a large part in the decision to move. If your children are happy in their schools, you might be hesitant about selling your home and moving elsewhere. It would normally mean a new school district, making new friends, finding new sports teams, dance studios or piano teachers. On the other hand, you might be outgrowing the Austin home you’re in now. If you could use another bedroom and you want to create a home office so you can telecommute, you might find what you’re looking for closer than you’d think. In cases like these, moving a few doors down or a couple of streets away into something bigger might be the right solution.

Outdoor Spaces
Many homeowners find that once they’ve been in the same house for a few years, their needs begin to change. While you might have been content without a garage when you moved in, having a teenager who will be driving soon or a new baby in the home can make you long for the safety of a garage. The lack of other outdoor amenities like fences, decks, pools and a larger yard are things that are nice to have that are more noticeable now than they were when you moved into to your present Austin home. Sure, you could build a pool or put up a fence, but when your add on the extra bedrooms and the half-bath your home is missing, and it starts to look like a good idea. It’s often less expensive than making home renovations. One hesitation people may have had in the past is whether they could sell their present home quickly. Since pending Austin home sales are up 25 percent from last year and the Austin real estate market is moving nicely with low interest rates, it’s much easier to sell than it was just a few years ago.

Taking a Look
One of the advantages of looking in your own neighborhood is that you will be among the first to notice when a new home comes on the real estate market. You might be familiar with the interior if you know the person selling, or you might just love the way it looks from the outside. If it appeals to you, check the local Austin MLS listings for the number of rooms and asking price or give us a call at York Real Estate Services. We can help you find out some of the finer details and set up an appointment to take a look inside.

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