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Importance of a Home Inspection

Whether buying New or Remodel or Resell, You NEED a Home Inspection

5 Things You Should Know:

1.   New Homes Need Inspections just like Resell Homes. All homes were once new homes and many of the problems found in a resell home could have been there since they were built and could have been corrected in the beginning. Just because a home is new doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

2.   Building Code. Because standards and codes constantly change, houses built just a few years ago are going to have differences in what the code authorities thought was important and “best practices” when the home was built. This does not always mean that the house is unsafe or that the house is significantly different than the other homes in the community around it. It just means the building standard has changed.

3.   Remodels. If you’re buying a remodeled home, make every effort to engage an experienced inspector who understands construction. Get referrals. Remember remodeling can be done at different levels. What appears to look good on the outside may not necessarily be good on the inside. You need an inspector who has experience with renovations to ensure you get visibility into what has and has not been remodeled and the quality of the work.

4.   Roofs. Pay attention to the roof. Make sure your inspector tells you everything he can about the roof.

5.   Foundations. Same advice as the roof. Because we have expansive soil, clay and embedded limestone in Texas, you should pay attention to the condition of the foundation, the interior and exterior walls and the soil surrounding the house. There are little things that your Realtor can do to red flag a possible foundation concern and even more things that the inspector should look for that may signal a problem or issue with the foundation. Pay attention.

Each home is unique, and each home deserves an inspection from a respectable licensed inspector. Work with an experienced team like the York Group, and let’s find the right house for you.