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How to Achieve that Ready-To-Move-In Look Buyers Crave

One of the trends in today’s real estate market is that potential buyers are searching for a comfortable home at the right price that already looks good. They want to move in to their Austin home quickly with little extra work. When potential buyers are deciding between comparable homes, the one that has more visual appeal and is closer to being move-in-ready will probably edge out the competition.

If you are thinking about selling your Austin home, carefully choose what changes you  make before putting it on the market. Take a look around your house and ask yourself how close it is to being in move-in condition. There are probably a few things you can fix yourself to make it more attractive that will take little time and effort on your part, but might be a turn-off to the potential homebuyer. If you’re not sure, ask your York Real Estate agent. We’ll be happy to give you some ideas. Here are a few considerations to get you started.

Painting any or every room in the house can make a drastic difference in its appearance. Fresh paint could be the turning point between a sale or no sale. If the potential buyers are serious about purchasing your Austin house and the interior has not been painted, their real estate agent might suggest a preferred color of paint. Another option is to use neutral colors.

New homebuyers do not want to hassle with replacing things, especially kitchen and bath fixtures. They want trendy and functional fixtures that are ready to go. Any old tile or fixtures reminiscent of the 1990s or before that should be replaced if you can afford it and want to sell your home quickly.

Be sure that all of your electrical outlets work. They should be up to Austin city codes. Spend a few extra dollars to replace any outlet or light switch covers that are damaged or missing. Most can be done with a screwdriver pretty quickly. Remember, potential homeowners automatically assume the worst when it comes to electrical issues. In their eyes, anything appearing in disrepair is in disrepair.

Leaks and water damage caused by them should be repaired as soon as possible. Fix the dripping faucet and anything that leaks. Plumbing problems are considered a hassle that is difficult to fix and should be repaired by a professional. In reality, it may only take a few twists of the monkey wrench or a new washer to stop the leak. Fix it right or have it replaced. Some new dry plywood beneath the kitchen sink can easily make the difference between a house selling quickly and languishing on the Austin real estate market for months.

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