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How Does Your House Smell?

All homes have a distinctive smell to visitors, and not all homes smell like roses. When putting your Austin home up for sale, be aware of the odors that may be lurking inside. Before putting up the first Austin MLS listing, make sure that your home is bearable. You may not be able to smell anything unusual, especially if you have been living there for years. Don’t be offended if your real estate agent tells you it smells funny. Consider it a constructive tip to getting your home sold. No one will buy a house if they can’t stand to be inside of it long enough to look around.

Some of the most offensive odors come from carpeting. Stains from pets and moisture damage should be eliminated immediately. Spraying air freshener might work for an hour, or it might make it smell even worse. This is not the solution. If the carpeting reeks, have it removed. If the flooring beneath is too damaged to leave as is, discuss the best solution for replacing it with your Austin real estate agent.

Don’t forget to correct the problem that made it smell in the first place. If it is caused by a pet, make the room off limits with a baby gate or by keeping the door closed. Leaking ceilings or appliances should be repaired or replaced. Mold and mildew not only smell funny, they can cause health problems and trigger allergies.

Smokers should avoid smoking in the house once it has been put on the market. If there are nicotine stains on the walls, chances are the whole home smells like stale tobacco smoke. This is not a positive selling point. Carpets and furniture should be professionally cleaned and the house aired out.

Sinks that smell funny are most often the victim of poor cleaning habits or drainage problems. Clean the sink thoroughly and use a liquid drain cleaner that is safe for the type of pipes and plumbing you have. Snake the pipes to eliminate standing water or a slow drain. A few sprinkles of baking soda rinsed down the drain afterwards will help the drain smell better.

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