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Flooring Trends for Austin Homes

Today’s Austin home buyers are typically looking for houses with floors that are in style and will be in good shape for several years to come. This can be a worthwhile investment if you are going to be in your house for a while before selling or if you have flooring in rough condition. Look for durability and elegance that coordinates with the walls, ceilings and appliances.

Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain flooring has grown tremendously popular in 2012. It is durable and versatile. It also has a unique look, which is important if you don’t want your floors to resemble the ones next door. Porcelain tiles come in a variety of patterns, including hexagonal shapes and long planks.

Repurposed Flooring
Austin is a green city. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that eco-friendly flooring solutions made from recycled or repurposed materials are showing up more and more frequently in Austin homes for sale. Check with your remodeling contractor about sources for wood, tile and natural stone flooring that can be re-used or flooring options made from recycled materials.

Handscraped Wood
Hardwoods can be handscraped and distressed to add character and sophistication to traditional wood flooring, showing off its natural beauty. Consider exotic woods such as cherry or Brazilian chestnut and walnut. Engineered flooring is also growing in popularity. Use darker or lighter colors to coordinate with furniture and trim throughout your Austin home.

While carpeting is not as common as it used to be, it is a quick and simple option for bedrooms, playrooms and areas where people will be sitting on the floor. In some cases, the muffled sound of carpet is preferred over the acoustics of hard surfaces. Keep in mind that white and light colors make the room look larger, but they are also harder to keep clean.

When choosing new flooring, be sure to use colors that are neutral enough that they will coordinate with any furnishings, whether they areĀ  yours or replacement before selling your Austin home. If you’re not sure whether the flooring needs to be replaced before putting your home on the market, consult with your Austin real estate agent for professional advice.

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