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Fixing the Imperfections in Your Austin Dream Home

Buying the home of your dreams might require a little bit of compromise. Oftentimes people will buy a home that comes very close to the ideal image in their mind. It may have “ugly” features that you want to change. There may be something on a wish list that is missing, but everything else about the property that you have discussed with your York Real Estate agent is just right. When buying an Austin home, consider what things can be changed at little or no cost before completely rejecting the idea of purchasing the home. Here are just a few ideas that, with a small investment in time and money, can help you make an “almost there” into a dream home. If something is the breaking point for the home for one of homebuyers, make a list of things to do before you move in. If there are too many things, create an order and date of completion. There are some things you might want the seller to fix, but you might also run the risk of the sellers rejecting your request.

Wall Color
One of the most frequent complaints people have about a potential home is the interior paint color. It can be fixed. Use your imagination. If having a pink master bedroom is a deal breaker, consider what it would look like in beige. At a small cost, it would be in your best interest to choose the paint of your choice and have a painting party or hire a contractor before you move in.

If the carpeting in your Austin home search is dirty, worn or just plain tacky, decide whether you can afford the investment. If you can, think about what might look best with your furniture. If it is not, look underneath the rug. Is that something you can live with? You might find beautiful hardwood floors or tile surface that you can live with for a short while.

A tired lawn full of brown patches and dig holes might be an eyesore. Find out what caused it before deciding to fix it. A large dog that likes to make holes to bury bones can tear up a lawn fairly quickly. A little effort and minimum expense will fix it. Mole holes, on the other hand, are a much tougher and more expensive problem to fix. Any trees, bushes or landscaping that are bothersome can likely be removed. A jungle can be cut back. Some may be work for an experienced contractor, while others might just be a matter of going outside for an afternoon with some power equipment.

Consider that every room does not have to be what it is now. If there is not enough storage in the home, add some. For bedrooms, use a portable wardrobe, add a second rack to an existing closet or put in an extra wall. Make use of space with shelves.

If there are other minor shortcomings with a potential home, talk it over with your Austin real estate agent. They may have a few ideas of how to solve the problem.

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