East Austin

East Austin Houses: Fresh, Eclectic, And Fun

East Austin is a patchwork of styles. Everything from lofts to historical housing can be found here, homes in Austin interspersed with a wide variety of restaurants and shops to please any customer. There are also many new houses available for sale here, built during a housing boom after the new millennium. East Austin was one of the few central locations not fully developed, which led construction companies to seize on the beautiful neighborhoods and build a range of apartments and houses in Austin.

Historical East Austin Houses Meet New Development

Although one might think that the result of this incredible mix of housing styles would be an ugly mess, in East Austin the variety only serves as part of the neighborhood’s attraction. Instead of clashing, the East Austin houses seem to blend in perfectly, each one becoming a delightful surprise and refreshing break from the rows of identical housing found in some other places.

In addition to the newer construction, some of the older East Austin houses have recently been gutted and renovated. These homes have the distinctive original outside, but are state-of-the-art on the inside. It is also possible to find the occasional tear-down or duplex. If you’re looking for a particular type of East Austin houses or apartments, if you search hard enough, you will find what you’re seeking.

Shopping, Dining, And Living In East Austin

East Austin has a number of hot spots featuring shopping and dining. East 6th street, east 11th street, and Manor road are all popular destinations with some of the best restaurants and stores. Most East Austin homes are within walking distance of at least one of these cultural hubs, but you should still work with an experienced Austin realtor in order to be certain that you will be close to the exact services that suit you best.