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Decorating Your Austin Home for Sale During the Holidays

A common question among home sellers around the holidays regards outdoor home decorations. While we usually recommend removing items that personalize your Austin house while it’s on the market, holiday lights and decorations are the exception to the rule. Abstaining from a Scrooge-like appearance is preferred. You don’t want your home to be the only one on the street without the holiday spirit. Tasteful lighting can work to your advantage, making your home look truly beautiful for the holiday season. This isn’t the year to compete with your neighbors for the best, most outrageous light display. Instead, think tasteful and elegant. Perhaps some lighting around the porch and on the trees will give a warm holiday glow.

Interior Decorating
If you’re still living in your home while it’s on the market, keep interior decorations to a minimum. Again, this isn’t the year to go all out. Try to find a balance between bare and extravagant. Avoid leaving valuables out in the open. Keep them locked up or put them in a storage unit or safe deposit box if possible.

Staying Organized
Be sure to keep all of the empty decoration boxes and containers out of the way, neatly stacked in the attic or a closet. If you have a storage unit, stow them there. Use a timer on your light displays and be sure to unplug interior lights overnight and when you’re not at home.

While selling your Austin house can be a stressful time, don’t forget to take some time to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Maybe if you’re on his “nice” list, Santa will leave a contract in your stocking by the fireplace.

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