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Contractor Remodeling Tips for New Austin Homeowners

If you are considering buying an Austin home, there may be some improvements that you would like to make to it before moving in or within the first year. Unless you’re a handy person around the house, you will probably need a reliable remodeling contractor to handle the bigger jobs.

Before you decide on a contractor, do your homework. Check with the Austin Better Business Bureau to see if the contractor has a good rating and track record. Make sure that the company has the right permits and licenses. Ask the various candidates whether they will be doing the work personally or if there will be subcontractors involved as well. If so, find out who they are and do some homework on them, too.

Take your time choosing a contractor. Talk to a few and determine exactly what can be done for a certain price. Get a written estimate. Keep in mind that the cheapest is not necessarily the best; you may get exactly what you pay for.

Once you have reached a decision and know which remodeling contractor will be doing the work on your Austin home, have them give you a written contract. Read it over carefully before you sign it. Request that it include a completion date and what you can do if the deadline is not met. The language should also include a clause that the contractor will clean up when the job is complete and remedy any damage the crew may have caused.

If you’re not quite sure what the remodeling contract says, ask a family member or knowledgeable friend to look it over with you to make sure it says what it means and means what it says. Do not sign it unless it accurately represents your understanding of the scope and cost of the job.

If you have already signed a contract and you’re now unsure about it, keep in mind that you do have three business days to cancel a contract under certain circumstances in Texas. You may need legal assistance to do so, but it is an option.

Once the job begins, you may be tempted to make some changes to the scope of the work. Keep in mind that this will likely cost you time and money in the long run.

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