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Consider an Austin Condo

Living in a house isn’t for everyone. Sometimes the ideal home is a condominium. For those who wish to own instead of rent without the extra responsibilities, there are many Austin condos that are comfortable, affordable and located in nice neighborhoods. This is an ideal setting for single people or couples without children. At York Real Estate, we can help you find the right condo to meet your needs without the added maintenance of a house.

Condominiums are smaller, which means there is less to take care of and no lawn to mow. With a decent sized kitchen, living room and bedrooms, there is enough room to move about, but not too much to clean and organize.

Many condominium neighborhoods feature gated communities or extra security. The added protection is helpful for those living alone or who are concerned about unwanted visitors. Some communities feature manned security gates while others are simply an electronic entrance.

One of the advantages to having a condo as your Austin home is assigned parking. Each unit is typically assigned specific parking spaces with additional guest or visitor parking available as needed. This is not only for convenience, but also for safety. If you have mobility issues, it is easier to reach the home’s entrance without searching and hoping for a handicapped parking space. The added convenience of parking right outside the unit makes it easier to bring in groceries, packing for a trip or a quick escape to work or school.

Condominium communities are regulated by the local condo association. This usually means that there are certain rules and guidelines to follow for those that live there. This usually concerns the outdoor variations of people’s homes, such as color of the buildings, noise levels and pets. The main idea is for people to have a comfortable Austin home that is also comfortable for their neighbors. Condos also tend to cater towards adults. Some associations do not allow children as regular residents, while most people who live in them simply do not have kids.

Most Austin condos are located near shopping centers, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and social places. This includes hospitals and urgent care centers, which is a consideration for those with health issues.

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