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Buying an Austin House After Divorce: Part II

In our last York Real Estate blog, we addressed some of the important factors in buying a house after divorce. This is a unique experience for some would-be Austin homeowners, because they no longer have to consult a spouse regarding preferences and opinions on amenities, space and daily living options while doing an Austin home search. They also don’t have the second income and additional manpower to handle the bills and maintenance. Now we’ll take a look at the considerations of home decorating, utilities, financing and upkeep when buying a house after divorce.

Depending on how your property was divided in the divorce process, you may not have a lot of furniture. This is a good time to look at what will and won’t convey. If there is something the house has that you need and it’s not on the list of conveyances, ask. You never know. Take some time to make a list of what furniture you will need and what type of decorative changes need to be made as you look at different Austin homes. Some of them may be in move-in-ready condition; others will require paint or wallpaper, flooring, appliances and yard maintenance equipment. Set aside some money for new decor and home repair. Survey the carpeting, lighting and existing amenities. Decide what type of style you want – go room by room and make some firm decisions.

Many people don’t factor in utilities when they are buying a home. This is one expense that should drop when moving to a smaller household. Pay attention to the presence or absence of energy efficient appliances and consider how to make the home greener to save money and energy at the same time.

Divorce is not the bane to credit it once was. Make sure you have the paperwork in order before you start an Austin home search. Sort out whose name is on the mortgage after the divorce, and who is responsible for payments on the old house. This will save you from losing out on a home you really want because of a surprise on your credit report. Get pre-qualified or pre-approved. This will help you to look in the right price range, and will reduce stress when it comes to applying for a home loan.

After a divorce, you may find the amount of space you need is somewhat smaller. You may need less property; you may not. Consider who will maintain it. If you have some gardening and handyman skills, this might be an easy answer. If you don’t, figure out a plan of action for upkeep and maintenance for indoors and out before you buy. Don’t wait until the water from a burst pipe is puddling around your feet before you think about who will fix it and how you will pay for routine and emergency repairs. Most yards need weekly maintenance and mowing. Decide how and when you’ll handle that.

Everyone needs a place to live. After going through a divorce, it’s sometimes difficult for people to get financially organized enough to buy a home right away. When you’re ready to start your Austin home search, consider all of the factors involved and discuss them with your Austin real estate agent. It will help us help you find a new home that is not only comfortable and affordable, but a great fit for you.

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