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Austin Ranked in Top 20 Best Cities for Working Mothers

We often see Austin rated among the top cities in the United States. Just since August, the highlights include a spot in the top 10 U.S. Metros Clean Tech Index from Clean Edge, a ranking of #8 in Bloomberg Business Week’s America’s 50 Best Cities and a listing among the Top 10 Cities for Technology Start-ups by National Venture Capital Association and USA Today. Another recent inclusion for Austin is the 20 Best Cities for Working Mothers by Forbes Magazine.

Coming in at Number 16 on the list, Forbes cites a number of qualities about Austin that make it a great placeĀ  for working mothers. Although Columbus, Ohio, took the Number 1 spot, Austin is lauded for its safety, commuting time under an hour and earning potential for women. Some of the statistics based on our population of 1.78 million include an average of 222.3 doctors per 100,000 people. The average annual income for a woman is listed at $31,419, and the average commute is 28.8 minutes. Forbes likes the cost of childcare, which is about $7,850. Austin has some great schools and is below the national average on unemployment and crime.

More than just a great city for working moms, Austin has a strong foothold in employment and housing for young professionals. If you’re considering a move to Austin, you’ll need a real estate agent who is familiar with the area. At York Real Estate, we can help you find an Austin home for sale that you love in proximity to the best schools and places to work.

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