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Austin Energy Power Outages Near Record Low

If you live in Austin, you might have noticed that your power has been going out less frequently. Austin Energy recently reported the second-lowest frequency in power outages in the past 15 years. While having a steady, constant source of power is something we sometimes take for granted, most people don’t think about power outages until it happens. Austin Energy is one of a handful of power companies in the area, and serves many Austin homes and businesses.

In a recent study conducted of 28 utility companies nationwide, Austin Energy’s customers had .69 outages per customer in the past fiscal year. This is lower than their counterparts in other Texas cities, such as Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, which had an average of 1.34 outages per customer. Comparatively speaking, Austin Energy customers lost power for an average of 51.57 minutes, compared to 2.74 hours per outage in other cities.

The utility company attributes the low outage records to a number of factors. The most notable is their practice of keeping about 10 repair crews on standby in case of storms and power failures. It has also implemented a number of preventative programs, including a wood pole inspection program, replacement of more than 40,000 feet of underground cable in approximately 100 Austin locations, and has trimmed trees along 324 miles of lines.

Not only does a loss of power create inconvenience, it can also create unsafe food storage or prompt medical emergencies for some residents of Austin homes. We have been fortunate to not have a large number of severe storms in the past year. Having a low power outage percentage is a good selling point for Austin homes for sale, especially for prospective buyers out of the area. This is something to keep in mind and mention to your York Real Estate agent when putting your property on the market.

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