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Austin Condo Living for Your College Students

One thing that people like about living in Austin is the variety of homes available, from luxury homes to a simple condo to call your own. One of the often overlooked housing options is for families with college-age students. Parents of college students often become condo fans, whether they live nearby or out of state. Here’s why.

Condo living is a comfortable idea for those not quite ready to take on the responsibility of a house, a yard and large living spaces. There are fewer rooms, so there is less to take care of with maintenance and clean-up.

If your kids are students at University of Texas at Austin, St. Edwards University, Concordia University or Austin Community College, you might want to consider purchasing an Austin condo, rather than paying out rent or room and board for dorm living. Apartments usually come with a year lease, and often a tentative roommate situation from year to year. While dorm living is exciting for some students, condos are bigger, cleaner and have a real kitchen. Some have amenities like patios, washer and dryer hook-ups, a fireplace and even a neighborhood swimming pool.

Austin condos can be especially helpful for families with multiple siblings or cousins in close to the same age range where it’s too far to commute every day to school, or it’s just not practical. Oftentimes teenagers are eager to leave the nest, and even if they are interested in UT or one of the other nearby schools, they want a little bit of independence. While you might not mind having them around the house for a little while longer, putting them up in an Austin condo near school can give you a little extra peace of mind, even if they’re a little far from home. Finding housing for college students can be a challenge, and having a safe place in good repair where you know the landlord – yourself – is a plus. There is a variety of condos in Austin, both near campus, and in quieter neighborhoods a little bit further away that are even better for studying. For graduate students attending school in Austin, this might also be an option.

If you’re looking into buying a condo for the college students in your family, contact your Austin real estate agent today. We can help you find safe, affordable Austin condos that will make things a little easier, especially if you have multiple students in your family.

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