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America’s Coolest Cities: Austin Makes the Top 20

Austin finds itself in another list of top cities. This time, it’s Forbes’ List of America’s 20 Coolest Cities. Austin comes in at Number 19, with our fellow Texans in Houston taking the Number 1 spot.

While most people here already know Austin is a cool place to live, let’s look at why Forbes Magazine agrees. America’s 65 largest metropolitan areas and divisions were ranked on a number of statistics and features, including places with a large young adult population, diversity, and the number of pro and college sports teams, restaurants, bars and shops. An interesting factor that carried some weight is the number of people who relocated to the city in 2011.

Austin ranked high in the diversity and arts & culture index factors, and comfortably in the middle with recreation. Austin was measured by an unemployment rate of 5.8 percent, a median age of 32.5 and approximately 32,880 people moving to the metropolitan area, including Round Rock, in 2011. We registered 3,158 local eats.

Austin is a cool place to live. When you factor in all of the above, plus our excellent schools, beautiful landscapes, rich history, environmentally-friendly initiatives and beautiful Austin homes, it becomes a place where people want to live, grow and raise families.

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