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6 Simple Ways to Speed Up the Austin Home Selling Process

Selling a home sometimes seems like it takes forever, even if the process only takes a few short months. Once your Austin home is listed, there are a number of things that you can do as the seller to help move the process along a little bit faster. While it’s not required, it reduces the number of possible snags that can pile up at the last minute and derail or delay your closing.

If your home sale is linked to a contingency on the purchase of another home, be sure to let your Austin real estate agent know about it. There are some finer details that can be set in motion, such as a quick transfer of proceeds toward another purchase.

Follow Advice
Home sellers sometimes forget to follow through on advice given by their real estate agents when a home is about to be placed on the Austin MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. It may be as simple as getting a piece of dangling siding fixed or replacing a dilapidated mailbox, but it can certainly slow down the sale process orĀ  act as a deterrent for potential buyers.

Try to avoid closing at the very end of the month. This is the busiest time of the month for title companies, so it can put a crunch on them and on you. Planning for the closing during a less busy time also makes any last-minute changes less frenzied, so any problems or glitches are less likely to be overlooked by you, your real estate agent, your attorney and your title company.

Home Survey and Title Policy
Provide copies of your prior home survey and title policy. This allows for more time to resolve any issues that may come up. Sometimes the buyer and seller may agree to use a prior survey. The title company can review it when the Austin home goes under contract, which saves a fair amount of time.

Legal Documents
Be sure that you have copies made of your driver’s license and power of attorney, if applicable. Positive identification is a very important element. If your name has changed due to divorce or marriage, be sure to secure the proper legal paperwork before the closing.

If you have limitations in communications, such as a language barrier, mobility issue, hearing, writing or vision challenges, be sure to discuss the best solutions with your Austin real estate agent. Interpreters, large print documents or handicap accessible accommodations are simple to make in advance, but may be challenging at the last minute.

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