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6 Advantages to Selling Your Austin Home in Winter

While the winters in Austin are milder than in many other parts of the country, December and January are often slow times. With the average annual snowfall of one inch, you can work the nice weather of Central Texas to your advantage. If you need to sell your Austin home quickly, you’ll find some benefits to putting it on the market now, rather than waiting a few months until things get busy.

1. The market is often less competitive in wintertime, since many homeowners want to wait for the warm and pleasant weather of spring when grass is greener and things are in bloom.

2. This is a good time to reach potential home buyers from cold weather climates, like New England and the North Central states. Austin’s average low in January is 40 degrees F., compared to the rest of the country at 21 degrees.

3. Wintertime buyers and sellers are generally in more of a hurry to make the transition, so they will move more quickly. Consider being more flexible in negotiations to help your Austin home sell faster.

4. With fewer residential real estate properties going through the sales and closing process, there is less demand for title searches, home inspections and closing paperwork. This helps to move things along more quickly.

5. Home buyers with children will want to get their kids settled in in time for the second semester so they lose little time from school. This is helpful for sellers in good school districts.

6. This is also a good time for busy local professionals who have little time off except for the holidays to accomplish a home closing and prepare to move. Many people have “use it or lose it” time to take before the end of the year. This eases their schedules and makes this a good time for an Austin home search.

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