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5 Tips to Help Your House Show Well from the Curbside

Springtime is always a great time to put your house on the market. The flowers and trees in your yard are in bloom and make it look even more attractive. While most Austin homes are seen first online these days, keep in mind that people will still come by and look. Whether it is a scheduled showing or someone driving through the neighborhood to take a peek from the street, it is important to make a great first impression with the wide variety of Austin homes for sale. Since the outside is the first thing people see when they drive up or drive by, here are a few tips to help your home’s exterior look its best and show well from the outside.

1. Keep the yard in good shape. Make every effort to keep the lawn mowed. If you cannot do it, hire someone reliable to cut it regularly. Overgrown grass and weeds are a huge turn-off. Collect and remove sticks and leaves cluttering the lawn. When your yard is neglected, potential buyers wonder what else has been neglected.

2. If the house is still for sale after you have vacated it, ask a neighbor to do a quick check on it daily to make sure there is no embarrassing trash or debris in the yard or newspapers piled up on the porch.

3. Power wash your home’s exterior and consider having it washed. If there are any blatant items in disrepair, fix them immediately. There should be no dangling shutters or shingles. Replace damaged mailboxes or deep ruts in the grass.

4. Remove any bicycles, toys or vehicles from the driveway and yard. Put them away or get rid of them entirely if they are not going to be used. If you have a birdfeeder, keep food in it or take it down if there is no one available to maintain it.

5. Listen to your realtor. If you are advised to make changes or improvements to your home’s exterior as a selling point, do your best to make it happen. Our experienced professionals have seen what sells and what doesn’t. If needed, make a list and tackle one thing at a time.

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