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5 Garage Improvements for Austin Homes for Sale

When you’re putting your Austin home on the market, one thing to consider is parking. If your property has a driveway, keep in mind that most home buyers are interested in having a garage. It not only protects vehicles from inclement weather, it also protects the driver and passengers. It’s much easier and safer for a homeowner with children to pull up and let the kids out in the garage than have them hop out of the car and wander. It also provides additional storage and activity space.

If you already have a garage and you’re thinking about putting your Austin home on the market, there are five things you can do to improve theĀ  interest in your existing garage.

1. Replace the garage door opener. If you don’t have a high tech remote, consider replacing the one you have. A small investment will let you operate the garage door, turn on the lights and even set up laser-assisted parking for perfect placement every time.
2. Add shelves. Some garages are a catch-all for anything that doesn’t fit in the house. Use shelves and racks to hang up bicycles, tools and anything sitting on the floor that isn’t driven or used on a daily basis.
3. Check your insulation. Your home could be losing valuable energy through the ceiling and roof. Make sure you have adequate insulation for summer and winter weather. Add weather stripping around windows and doors for added energy efficiency.
4. Improve the lighting. Check the lights and change any old bulbs. Add in simple light fixtures by the home entrance and over the vehicle parking area.
5. Resurface the driveway and floor. If the floor is covered in grease stains, have it cleaned and consider a resurface if it still looks dirty and stained. The driveway should match the parking surface unless you have special flooring.

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