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5 Factors In Your Austin Home Search

If your family size is changing and you’re looking for a bigger home, it’s important to first consider the age and needs of your family dynamic. This will help you to look for the right place in your Austin home search. It affects how many rooms and bedrooms you need, and probably plays a role in the layout and style. Some factors are theĀ  ability to go up and down the stairs, privacy, space for daily activities and group space.

Having an upstairs and downstairs space is ideal for families with children who can walk or for young adults without kids. Families with toddlers and seniors might want to consider safety and convenience with long flights of stairs. There are plenty of ranch-style models in the Austin area which are well-suited to those who prefer single-story homes or short flights of stairs.

Families with children or many members often prefer having bedrooms upstairs and other living spaces downstairs. Noise and activities can prevent people with rooms on the lower floor from getting ample sleep. A home office should be located away from the din of the kitchen and the living room. In some cases, parents might want to ensure a lack of privacy for their children. Making dinner while the kids are playing in the den can be stressful when there is no line of sight and they need supervision. It is often easier for parents when young children share a room. It gives the kids a sense of camaraderie and makes it easier for parents to give attention to two children at once. Older children may desire more privacy, however, so it’s another factor in your Austin home search.

If an older family member is joining the household, consider their interest and ability to have their own space for sleeping, cooking, bathing and living. Some homes have a mother-in-law suite attached or detached, which can provide independence while offering peace of mind.

Daily Activities
Evaluate the types of daily activities that take place, including cooking and eating meals, bathing, homework, home exercise, work, computer activity, watching TV and movies, and hobbies. Also consider transportation and where any drivers or future drivers will park the car. Outdoor play areas and room for pets to romp are more factors to weigh into the equation.

Group Space
If it’s important that everyone be able to get together in one room and watch a movie or spend quality time, you should look for a house with one or several rooms to serve as a home entertainment center, a den or a living room. Any large space can be converted into a comfortable group space. If you want your family to eat meals together regularly, consider table size and look for a dining room or eat-in kitchen to accommodate everyone.

When you’re doing an Austin home search, take the time to consider all of the possibilities before you start looking. Consult your real estate agent so that you’re both looking for the same elements. By considering activities of daily living beforehand, you can narrow down your options and find your Austin dream home more quickly.

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