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4 Ways to Conserve at Home for Earth Day

For this week’s celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to pass on a few tips to make your Austin home more environmentally-friendly and energy efficient. Some of them will even help improve the resale value of your home.

Radiant heat in the attic
Consider adding a spray-on radiant heat barrier inside your attic. This prevents the sun’s heat from penetrating the attic roof and making it unbearably hot. Without it, heat from the attic will seep through the ducts and ceilings into the rest of the house, causing the indoor temperatures to rise and the air conditioning to work even harder to cool the home. Less heat entering the house through the attic leaves less hot air to cool and lowers your energy bills. This is also an excellent selling point.

Hot water heater
Is your hot water heater on its last legs? When the time comes, think about replacing it with a tankless water heater. Rather than keeping a large reserve of hot water ready at all times, a tankless water heater will instantly heat a continual supply of water as you need it. Not only do they raise the resale value of Austin homes, they reduce utility bills. Tankless models eliminate water running down the drain while waiting for it to heat. This will reduce the home’s water consumption dramatically. For those with large families, it may also reduce the number of arguments over who gets to use the shower first, since there will be a full supply of hot water for each person.

Leave plenty of room around large appliances and clean dust off the vent areas regularly. When circulation is poor, appliances work harder and use more energy to function normally. Make your refrigerator more efficient by cleaning it out regularly. Cold air will circulate better, keeping the inside of the fridge colder when there is less in it. Use full loads of clothing in the washing machine and dryer. Small loads use more water for washing and the same length of time for the drying cycle, using more energy and water in the long run.

Plant trees in your yard near windows for added shade. The trees will block sunshine from heating up the side of the house and making rooms with windows even warmer in the summer months. Not only does it help reduce the amount of cooling needed in the home, it increases the property value of Austin homes for sale and helps improve the environmental air quality. People love trees. They are pleasant to look at and are very earth friendly.

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