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3 Ways to Make Your Austin Home More Appealing to Buyers

Preparing a house for the Austin real estate market can be simple or challenging, depending on what condition your home is in when you decide to put it on the market. Take the time to thoroughly clean, vacuum and organize your house before it initially goes on the market and try to keep in this condition. Three things that will stand out to visitors are your home’s floors, windows and doors. If they are in clean condition and good repair, this will make your Austin home more buyer-friendly. If you cannot do it yourself, consider hiring someone to take care of it for you.

Are the floors clean and attractive? Would you want to walk across them barefoot? If not, they should be. Clean and buff bare floors with a rental machine. Shampoo the carpets. If they look good and pass the barefoot test, they are ready to go. If not, add some area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting to bare floors or look beneath existing carpeting to evaluate their condition. Another option is to put down a tile floor. It is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project that improves a room’s appearance drastically. This will make your Austin home more appealing to potential buyers.

Window Treatments
When showing your home, leave the shades on the windows. Clean them thoroughly. Launder the curtains, too. If the potential homebuyer requests them in the contract, agree to it. This will prevent the neighbors and others from peering in the windows and the rooms from looking completely barren after you have moved out. Covering the windows will be one less thing to do as soon as the new homeowners move in.

Every exterior door should be clean and have working locks and deadbolts. Make sure you have the keys to fit every lock. For entrances with storm doors, take the time to wash the windows. If there are dents, scratches or gouge marks, repair or replace the door. A broken screen door is another quick fix. If the screen is loose, tighten it. If the screen is misshapen or torn, replace it. Clean off any smudges and fingerprints for a door that looks like it’s ready for action.

These are just a few ways to improve the overall appearance of your Austin house before putting it on the market. Do a walk-through as if you were looking for an Austin home yourself, rather than selling one. It will give you a new perspective of what your home looks like to others.

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