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10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Austin Home for Sale for Spring

When your Austin home is for sale, it’s always wise to plan for visitors. No matter how long it has been on the market, try to be prepared for the next person that is shown your house. It can be a blessing in disguise to keep it neat and clean for a long period of time, as you will get in the habit of having it show-ready. Make sure that your Austin home is ready for the next potential buyer to come through the door. They may fall in love with your home as much as you have.

One way to make a positive first impression on any potential homebuyers coming along is presentation. If your Austin home has been on the market of for quite a while, especially over the winter, it might be time for a little spring spruce-up. Have a spring clean-up day in the yard, and encourage the entire family to participate. Here are a few things to put on your to do list.

On the outside:
1. Clean up the flower beds. Get rid of the dry leaves and debris from the winter.
2. Mow and trim the yard.
3. Plant some fresh flowers. Try to choose a splash of color and avoid planting anything that needs lot of attention.
4. Clean up your windows. While some energy-efficient windows are simply spray and go, take the time make sure that your windows are not dingy and dirty. It makes the house look older and less appealing.
5. Sweep or power blow your driveway, garage and front walk surfaces.

On the inside
1. Sweep, wash and polish the floors. If you have carpeting, give it a shampoo.
2. If you haven’t painted in a long time, take a look at your walls. If they look faded and gray, consider painting a fresh neutral color.
3. Clean up the clutter. Some real estate agents suggest that home sellers remove personal items from the rooms. This gives potential buyers a chance to envision the home with their own furnishings. If some things have crept back out for ease of use, this is a good time to tidy up again.
4. Go back and look at the original check list you received from your Austin real estate agent when you put the home on the market. Review any recommendations that were made but not followed through.
5. Invite a friend or a family member that doesn’t live in your home to come over and do a mock walk-through. Ask for an honest opinion about any turn-offs or quirks that could hinder a sale. Fix the easy things and discuss the complex ones with your real estate agent.

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