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10 Things to Do If You’re Planning a Move

Moving can be an exciting experience, but it takes a lot of organization and legwork to make a smooth transition. When moving out of town to another area, there is even more to do. Whether you are buying or selling an Austin home, here are 10 things to remember to do before you move. Notifying friends, family, associates and merchants is only part of it. Take the time to set up things in advance in the new city or town. If you’re moving here, your York Real Estate agent can give you a list of important contact numbers for the area.

1. Send friends, family and associates an e-mail or note letting them know you’re moving. Include your new address and approximate moving date.

2. If you have children, find out which schools they will be attending and have their records transferred. Find out if they need a physical before reporting for their first day of school.

3. When moving far away, plan your transportation in advance. If you’re driving, map out a route. Make advance reservations for hotels, rental cars and contact anyone you plan to visit with along the way.

4. Set up temporary housing at your destination, if necessary. If your new employer is paying for it, be sure to get the details squared away before you move.

5. Change over your accounts for utilities and newspaper subscriptions.

6. Fill out change of address information for credit cards and loans. Fill out a card for the US Postal Service, too.

7. Notify your doctors and veterinarian. Ask for a referral and have your records sent to the new practice.

8. If you are currently renting, look over the details of your lease and make sure you give proper notice. Find out what is needed to get your security deposit back if you made one.

9. Find a reliable moving company. Ask friends, family or your Austin real estate agent for recommendations. Look into the fees and charges associated with pick-up and delivery. Make sure you know exactly what they are responsible for, and have them put it in writing.

10. Keep in mind that some moving expenses are covered by employers; others are tax deductible. Put all of your receipts in one place and turn them in as needed.

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